Get ready for a wild and fun footwear and urban wear time! The party consists of 2 - 8 hours of customising, whether it be a t-shirt, or footwear. We allow our designers (participants) to let loose and express their creativity. Something that friends and family could enjoy together.


We provide non-branded clothing (For branded clothing please email in) that allows the participants to design anything that they desire. The materials we use are mainly textile paint used for fabric and leather materials. 100% Waterproof, 100% Durable.


After the party has ended, the participants will be able to go home with their finished customised gear. They will be able to show it off to their friends and family.


We are based in London and we travel to your chosen place. Some locations may incur extra travel charges.

Prices start from £49.50 incl VAT Per Participant.