Tackle your next leather project using the Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit. This complete set includes all of the necessary tools and accessories to begin creating beautiful works of art or restoring your vintage leather pieces.


Included in this kit:

1x black 1 oz.
1x white 1 oz.
1x red 1 oz.
1x yellow 1 oz.
1x blue 1 oz.

Five assorted paint brushes
1x 1 oz. Leather Preparer & Deglazer


Recommended products (not included):

Duller - Reduces gloss when mixed with paint.
2-Soft - Keeps paint soft when painting fabrics.
2-Thin - Thins paint for airbrush use
Acrylic Finisher - Final top coat that adds an overall shine.

Angelus Basic Kit (Starter Pack)



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