How to customise your sliders! 🐼🦋🍩😜

So like most people, if you’re stuck at home in lockdown, bored and wanna try something new, why not make your very own customised sliders? 🤔🤷‍♀️

In this blog I’ll be giving you an in-depth tutorial on how I customised my sliders in our latest YouTube video, check it out!

My favourite animals are pandas🐼 because they are so cute😍 and fluffy and I wanted to go for a fun, cute ice cream drip theme🧁🍩 with these sliders. Here are the digital designs created in Bazaart:

It's a rough idea of the colours and composition of my sliders. Another free app is Photoshop Mix where you can cut images out of the background. I recommend using Markup- a built in app on your iPhone to draw as you can zoom in a lot more.


So to get started, prepping the shoes is really really important so that the factory finish comes off and the paint adheres to the surface. Put some Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer (you can purchase it on our website) or acetone/nail polish remover onto a cotton pad and rub all the areas you will be painting on.

Then, sketch out the designs using a pencil✏️- you can either trace out the digital design from above or do it free hand whatever you’re most comfortable with. To make the letters 3D keep this angle the same throughout📐:

Draw the drips💧 from the swoosh and throughout the slider. Add the pandas🐾, sparkles✨, hearts🧡, a doughnut🍩 and butterfly🦋 making sure there aren't huge white gaps anywhere.

For the pink slider, I used pink💗 and white Angelus Leather Paint (also available on our website) in a 1:1 ratio for the first coat on the panda's bow and ears, the doughnut glazing, 3D letters and of course, the drips.

I painted 4 coats in total, adding less white with each coat. I also made sure to leave 15 minutes ⏰ to dry in between each coat- you can also speed this process using a hair dryer.

Next, add hot pink 💖 and pink 💗 angelus leather paint in a 1:1 ratio for the shadows of the doughnut and part of the panda's ears and bow. I put 2 coats for a solid colour.

Beige was required for the doughnut itself (3 coats). Mix dark brown and beige in a 1:2 ratio for the shadows (2 layers). I used yellow mixed with white in a 1:1 ratio for the sparkles on both sliders. Add grey mixed with a lot of white for the shadows of the pandas.

Moving onto blue💙, I mixed pale blue and white in a 1:1 ratio for the panda's ears and bow, the wings (using a fine brush🖌 to fan out and leave out the edges of the wings white), hearts and all of the drips (including the darker blue bits). Once again, I painted 4 coats, adding less white as I went along.

Then, use pale blue for the insides of the butterfly wings using a fine brush so it blends into the lighter blue, the bow and ears of the panda as we did before, and drips. Alternate between darker blue and lighter blue wave like shapes 🌊. This took me 3 coats.

Finally, use black angelus leather paint🖤 and a fine paintbrush for all of the outlines and panda (I didn’t include this in my edit and I guess this shows you that you can always change your design to what feels best as you go) For the drips, add lines around the edges to add character. Also put some sprinkles onto the doughnut.

To fix mistakes, use Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer/acetone/nail polish remover and a cotton bud to take them off.

Finally, I added a glossy finisher from liquid kicks and that is it! I've been wearing them all day, everyday and am loving them🥰🤩!!!!

Hopefully you've now gotten an idea on how to customise your sliders, a few tips and how I used the Angelus Leather Paints. Once again, I have a video on these customs if you want to see how they were done. Comment down below which one‘s your favourite- Blue💙 or Pink💗 and what you would do differently👇!

Quote for the day ~Custom shoes translate your passion and interests into personalised fashion 👟that’s uniquely created for you; they are a piece of artwork🎨!~

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