DEICHMANN x RITA ORA Collaboration Launch Event!

We were fortunate enough to be a part of such an amazing event! Walking in to a room full of influences, VIP's and a BALL PIT! It was such a lovely experience! Take us back😭😂..lool.

Brandnation are a consumer communications agency and The Home of Influential Communications. The whole team got fired up when they reached out to us in regards to the event. We were called out for the day to personalise everyone’s canvas Deichmann trainers. We catered to over 150 guest on the day which was such a lovely experience.

Deichmann has been a family-owned, independent business since 1913 and was started in Essen, Germany in the Ruhr river area. This is still the headquarter for the group of companies. Deichmann is currently active in 26 countries with approximately 3,800 stores and employs around 38,252 people.

Deichmann is the market leader in the German and European shoe business, offering a wide selection of shoes for all age groups with possibly the most comprehensive selection on the market. Deichmann fashion scouts are always hot on the trail of the latest trends and bring current fashion developments into its collections quickly and cost-effectively for consumers.

Thank you Brandnation for having us at such a lovely event!

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