The home of custom hand painted trainers.

1 Shoe Customs in the UK. Our Custom Hand Painted Sneakers are for the Trendiest of Trendies.

Hand painted trainers are made to make you feel unique!

We are a team of passionate artists and designers. We decided to start this business because as we got older things started to become repetitive.
We wanted a way to stand out without needing to dress up like a clown :D.
Starting a custom sneaker business was the answer.
“Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes”

Have you heard of “Shoe contact before eye contact”? Bet you have!
We give you the opportunity to express your personality through the shoes that you wear.

We use different tools & equipments to customize trainers such as:
Sewing Machine
laser-cutting-machine (1).png
Laser Engraving
Different Fabrics etc.
Special Leather Paint

We can create any design that you would like. Perfect for gifting, wearing, collecting!
Our main purpose is to make our customers happy!